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Working group ‘Addiction Research’


Martin Mlinarić, PhD

Current projects

  • SILNE-R: Tobacco Control Policies on national, local and school level in 7 European Countries

Finished projects

  • METH_MD: Methamphetamine consumption in Central Germany
  • SILNE: Tackling socioeconomic inequalities in smoking

What is addiction research?

The working group focusses on structural features and processes of societal change in addiction, drugs, dependency, and risk-behavior two-fold. First, addiction, risk-behaviors and dependencies are structurally more likely to affect certain vulnerable population groups than other members of society. Second, the institutional and normative setting as well as the common understanding of drugs varies by context and time.

Focus at the IMS

The working group is currently investigating the structural and transformational dynamics in the area of tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis use. In close cooperation with the working groups ‘Child and Youth health’ and ‘Health Services Research’, adolescents as well as young adults are examined as central age groups. The focus lies on structural determinants and disparities of dependencies, which are explored along vertical and horizontal inequalities. On the other hand, expert and lay knowledge as well as dynamics of change and implementation processes in the area of addiction and dependency are analyzed. The working group favors a pluralism of sociological methodologies, which comparatively investigates social inequalities, disadvantages, and stigmatization of addiction and risk-behavior at national and international levels. The working group is committed to a ‘public sociology’, which aims at changing social disparities by research and initiating transformative processes.